Beauty with Marlene – first generation immigrant to published makeup artist.

Based in Southern California and a local-born of the Greater Coachella Valley was a dream from an immigrant family of Guatemala to now a first generation with a growing family of entrepreneurs, educators, and military service veterans. A small company was created in 2014 with the guidance of “It’s Your Time” an entrepreneurial business training series from the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center. Beauty lover, artist, and dreamer Marlene Aguirre, an inspiration and determined woman in learning about small business, catering now to large weddings and exciting TV/film productions throughout the valley, and all while juggling motherhood, being a single independent mom, overcoming now our second recession and economic impacts.

Beauty with Marlene - Bridal HD Makeup Artist & Events


Beauty with Marlene is known for her strength and transparency by exceeding the clients vision and making it a reality while having the best experience with a mix of professionalism, a friend to guide you on your journey to your wedding day, and the details learned to ease every couple and their family. She is known for focusing on the mission to grow, guide, and support the local communities talented artists as we work as a team to provide the best experience with every interaction as we service to all size weddings, elopements, and event productions. It’s a community effort we take pride in.

6+ Years Later

Over the last years as a Latina woman’s dream come true, business has grown as a traveling on-site artist to Destination weddings in the Greater Coachella Valley and the productions being made in our beautiful valley. Beauty with Marlene has the capacity to succeed, in part by making all services organized, timely, and easy to access for all, adapting to the clients needs with children, Spanish speakers, and continuing safety practices including education from business, cosmetology compliance procedures for COVID-19, and standing as a source for wedding planners and beyond.

Hablamos español. para los servicios de bodas, parejas, quinces, y produciones.