I Have a Ph.D. and I am on Welfare

I related to this piece because as a licensed and certified makeup artist I too am in the same boat. 💔

Xicana Ph.D.

I thought the real challenge would be finishing the Ph.D. as a single mother who overcome so many obstacles to be where I was walking across a stage with my son in my arms to have a doctoral hood placed over my head was one of my proudest moments. I thought I had overcome the most difficult challenges, but I was wrong.

I had began my higher education as a community college student ill-prepared for college coursework, along with supporting myself and working multiple jobs, I was placed on academic probation and dismissal my first year. In other words, I was kicked out of community college. I returned a year later and later transferred to UC Santa Cruz where I finished my Bachelors. I then moved to Seattle to pursue my graduate degrees at the University of Washington. Almost as soon as I could after defending my dissertation, I made…

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In the Coachella Valley a Fundraiser Believing For Desi

Makeup Package for Desi Aug 2- Aug3 Services start from 9 am until 6 pm at closing.  Each session for a full application including lashes tailored to your desire. Photo-ready flawless and vibrant experience as a private service. A 45-minute session that includes your skin care and makeup routine consultation and application. 65% goes to …

Spring is here!

A spring inspired look as EDC, Coachella Fest, and Stagecoach are coming up fast. From vintage glam gold, to pretty pink lips, cappuccino on the crease, a pop of purple which is my favorite color, little black dress for my winged liner to my false lashes from Ardell, and brow definition to complete my #motd. …