Booking me with rates:

Bienvenidos. Se habla español.

Thank you in seeking more information on the booking details to make your beauty experience unique, fun, and at ease as your special occasion approaches. I have vast experience in bridal destination services, HD film/TV, and print. Certified and license in California in cosmetology, Sebastian hair styling, small business planning, and Ruby’s Makeup Academy in makeup artistry. Encompassing all the areas to create a unique experience and providing quality services to my clients.

We will set up a Trial Makeup Session° average of an hour and a half. I will travel to you as it is all including.

  • Skin care products will be used to prep your skin and discussed, if needed. You are encouraged to use your skin care routine (cleanser, scrub, mask, toner, and moisturizer).
  • Application of faux lashes will be provided.

Payment: after we reserve the date and location by paying the trial session/deposit of 40% (NONREFUNDABLE) it will guarantee my complete attention, professionalism, and dedication on this journey together for the wedding day.💎

Party planner or yourself must provide room numbers, access codes, parking location and applicable parking fees/valet, and any information for me to access you and reduce/eliminate delays.

100% Confidentiality is my goal to provide discreet services for personalities and for all my clients occasions.

Price List:

•$225 Bridal Makeup Application. Airbrush available. Faux lashes included.

•$125 Bridal Party Makeup Application. Faux lashes included.

•$100/hour for HD TV/Films makeup.

•$65 Hair Styling.

Thank you for your business!


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