Thank you in seeking more information on the booking details to make your beauty experience unique, fun, and at ease as your special occasion approaches.

Price List:

BEST: $300 Bride Makeup & Hair service with Trial included!

  • Head piece/veil placement.
  • Average time: Up to 3 hours. Depending on design difficulty.
  • Travel included.

BETTER: $500 Bride Day Rate SPECIAL! Trial included.

  • Unlimited touch-ups.
  • Veil removal & outfit change assistance.
  • Up to 8 hours.
  • Travel included.

$150 Bridal Party Makeup Application & Hair Styling.

  • Faux lashes included.

$250 a day rate for PR events, HD TV/Films makeup and hair. One look. Unlimited touch ups. Up to 8 hours. Travel included.

Time: We will set up a Trial Makeup & Hair Sessionaverage up to 2 1/2 to 3 hours maximum. Depending on design. I will travel to you as it is all including. Not required.

  • Skin care products will be used to prep your skin and discussed, if needed.
  • Application of faux lashes will be provided.
  • Face chart will document service provider and all products used. To ensure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Planning for your bridal parties hair & makeup.
  • Providing within a week your Bridal Itinerary. Listing my teams names and responsibilities.

Payment:I require a non refundable payment of $225 to book your Trial Session. Beforehand verifying that I am available for your wedding date of course. đź’•

One month before your wedding day I require the remainder of your Bridal Hair & Makeup service to be paid in full via your personal and confidential PayPal Business Invoice.

We only accept cash for your Bridal Parties Hair & Makeup on the day of. Change will be provided.

Hair must be 100% dry. Washed the day prior. No blow dry services will be provided without prior notice and agreement to that extra service for anyone.

Party planner must provide room numbers, access codes, and any information for me to access you and reduce/eliminate delays.

100% Confidentiality is my goal to provide discreet services for personalities and for all my clients occasions.


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